Two Locations:

Framingham and Roslindale

phone: 857.273.2123

fax: 888.972.6995

Why Roslindale Village? Because it is a wonderful, rich community full of resources that go so well with therapy and healing. Why not come in for a couples session at 4, then go out for a nurturing gourmet dinner with your partner afterward at Delfino’s or Birch Street Bistro? After an intense individual session, why not take a long peaceful walk in the Arnold Arboretum, just blocks away? Can you imagine how much more you’d get out of your session if you came early and went to a wonderful yoga class at Akasha Yoga to get your mind in a clearer state?

Child care issues while wanting to attending therapy alone? Why not trade off with a friend who could entertain your baby at the Roslindale Public Library (right next door) while you are here, then give them a moment off to do their own self-care?

We chose Roslindale because it is in the city, but far enough out to offer a wide-array of additional, complementary services that support and augment the therapy experience. Roslindale is rich in cultural heritage– check out the greek bakeries, amazing Fish Market, incredible Cheese Cave, and so much more. Please check out our partners in healing (as we are calling them!)– we think you’ll love them.

Roslindale Village is a short commuter rail ride out from Back Bay Station, is accessible via 9 bus routes (through Forest Hills) and our offices have ample on-street parking in the area, augmented by having two municipal parking lots just blocks away.