Our services

Individual Therapy

The Leggett Group is here to provide help with a wide range of issues.  We understand that every situation is unique and we pride ourselves in our ability to match you with a compatible therapist. Our therapists are well trained at treating many problems such as: depression, anxiety, stress management, and substance abuse. We believe that we can be strong advocates for you to take better care of yourself and your world around you.

And remember:  therapy does not have to be a life-long endeavor.   We believe that much treatment can be accomplished in a short period of time; we have lots of options depending most importantly on what you want help to change in your life.  One way to describe the goal of therapy is to help you live better without the need for therapy!

Couples Therapy

We believe that being in a partnership can at times be difficult. Quite often things can improve, especially with the proper tools and support. Our culture provides few natural supports for couples to stay healthy and unintentionally puts a great amount of pressure on couples to seem happy and well-functioning at all times. We believe that having an advocate for the couple in the form of a therapist can truly change the conversation and create new ways of understanding and relating to one another.  This can leave both partners feeling completely different, and much more satisfied.  Come use our experience working with couples to bring a new level of ease and joy to your relationship.

Perinatal Mental Health

The Leggett Group has brought together a group of clinicians with experience in the best hospitals and programs in Boston who are adept at helping men and women with the unique challenges that come with the reproductive years: infertility, miscarriage, traumatic birth, post-partum depression, and anxiety. We offer support in the transition to parenthood, dealing with new parent couple’s stress, men’s struggles with parenting, and so much more.

We make a plan with to help you through your struggle in whatever way is needed. We offer individual therapy, couples or family therapy, in-home pre- and post-partum visits, group therapy, support groups, and workshops. We know these special issues can be very painful to endure alone, and have developed a wide array of offerings to show you that you are not alone.  There are compassionate, skilled therapists who can help you during these times right here at The Leggett Group.

Parenting Support

We know that being a parent can be one of life’s greatest gifts, and also can be extremely challenging.  We endeavor to create a place where parents of children of all ages can come to address these challenges, either with an individual therapist, together with their partner in couples work, or in a parenting group designed to bring a few people together to share skills and perspectives.

We know how easy it is to neglect your own self-care, while being a thoughtful, intentional parent.  We have lots of providers who can help work with you to create a more realistic balance of care, one that can truly make parenting easier to manage.  Call today to discuss how we can help!

Older Adolescents

We know that the process of approaching adulthood and launching yourself into the adult world can be painful and difficult. We also know that having a person to talk to or a group to share these struggles with can transform your experience. We provide custom services for adolescents 15 and older, and their families such as: family therapy, individual therapy, teen therapy groups, and parent groups for different problems of adolescence. Come talk with us about what is going on, and we will work together to bring some help and peace to your relationship.

Substance Abuse Services

We have many therapists well-trained in the area of addiction, addictive behaviors and abuse. Our Therapists are skilled at treating alcohol, drug, food, and many other types of addiction and abuse.  Our goal is to assess your problem, make a treatment plan based on your needs in order to help you achieve and maintain your well-being. During this process, we will work with you to help you solve stressful problems in healthier ways. In the event you require a higher level of care for these issues, we can also refer you to some of the top treatment centers for addictions in the country.

 Mindfulness Practice/CBT

We at the Leggett Group are well-trained in using mindfulness and meditation skills in psychotherapy, both as an adjunct to traditional ‘talk therapy,’ and in a more formal, protocol-based way. We as practitioners have seen how even the simplest relaxation skills can give our clients new tools to manage their lives. The practice of these skills can greatly enhance your ability to enjoy life. We hope you’ll try something new here, and find that you love it!

Professional Workplace Services

We at the Leggett Group can come to your workplace to deliver workshops on a variety of topics (self-care, effective communication, coping effectively with change, and more) as well as urgent services when a crisis arises.  We can work with you and/or your leadership team to develop the services that are right for your company’s needs, including urgent crisis response.  Our Director, Jen Erbe Leggett, can help work with you on a plan that will help.