Two Locations:

Framingham and Roslindale

phone: 857.273.2123

fax: 888.972.6995

The Leggett Group has brought together a group of clinicians with experience in the best hospitals and programs in Boston who are adept at helping men and women with the unique challenges that come with the reproductive years: infertility, miscarriage, traumatic birth, post-partum depression, and anxiety. We offer support in the transition to parenthood, dealing with new parent couple’s stress, men’s struggles with parenting, and so much more.

We make a plan with to help you through your struggle in whatever way is needed. We offer individual therapy, couples or family therapy, in-home pre- and post-partum visits, group therapy, support groups, and workshops. We know these special issues can be very painful to endure alone, and have developed a wide array of offerings to show you that you are not alone.  There are compassionate, skilled therapists who can help you during these times right here at The Leggett Group.