Two Locations:

Framingham and Roslindale

phone: 857.273.2123

fax: 888.972.6995
Jenna Hill

I am a skillful, compassionate, and intuitive, therapist and yoga teacher. My clinical and therapeutic practice is rooted in mind-body principles. I believe in the “top-down” approaches of psychotherapy, meaning using talking and thinking strategies for change. I also believe in the “bottom-up” skills of yoga, breathing, movement and other mind-body strategies. These two combined can create a safe and powerful healing environment.

I work to empower my clients with an eclectic approach that includes mindfulness, skill building, emotion regulation, and encouraging self-reflection all while meeting each client where they are at. I utilize and specialize in a combination of techniques from CBT & DBT, Solutions Focused and Narrative Therapy as well as TF-CBT and CBT for Psychosis. I am culturally sensitive, provide gender affirming care and am sex positive. I believe in the innate wisdom and healing abilities of each and every person I work with. My work is dynamic, collaborative, and strength based.

My specialties include anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and early onset psychosis. I have worked with a diverse population of people ranging in age and diagnoses for over 20 years. I believe in creating a non-judgmental, safe, and authentic environment because every person is capable and worthy of achieving equanimity, ease and happiness in their life.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!