Two Locations:

Framingham and Roslindale

phone: 857.273.2123

fax: 888.972.6995

The Leggett Group provides compassionate and highly-skilled behavioral health services for a wide range of issues.  We are a group of therapists and counselors with a wide range of experience and expertise, who are ready to help with some of life’s toughest struggles and problems.  More than all of this, we know it’s hard to ask for assistance, and we are ready to listen and talk when you call.  We believe in the power of talking about issues individually, as couples or duos, as families, and most especially in groups.  Sometimes the power of hearing that others struggle in ways similar to ourselves and aren’t afraid to talk about it can open up a path to healing like none other.  Come to our beautiful offices in the heart of Roslindale Village and experience how different life can be when you let someone help along the way;  we have a lot to offer, so please come check us out.

We also are able to provide pre- and post-baby in home services from a senior nurse manager, as well as in-office medication management from highly skilled prescribers who know well the special challenges of medicating women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or nursing.

Last, we offer an array of urgent and non-urgent staff development services for your workplace.  We can respond in a crisis when employees are affected by a death, trauma, or restructuring;  we can also work with you to develop workshops to enhance your HR and support offerings, such as Improving Workplace Communication;  Managing Stress More Effectively;  Adjusting to the Changing Needs of Your Family, and much more.