Psychotherapists Needed

The Leggett Group is proud of what we have accomplished in our first few years here in Roslindale, and is still growing and thriving;  we are a team of strong clinicians that provides excellent clinical care for the community, while creating a smart, supportive, positive work environment for our valued staff.  The practice has a strong leadership identity in Perinatal Mental Health, and offers treatment in a wide range of specialties including CBT, DBT, Adolescent Treatment, Substance Abuse and Mindfulness-Based Treatments.  Our collaborative team enjoys rich clinical meetings, expert clinical consultations, Electronic Medical Record ease, the benefit of an intake coordinator and practice manager to support your needs, and much more.  Our offices are in a beautiful, class-A commercial space in an elevator building.  Staff are W2 employees and are paid on a fee basis; 15 clinical hours per week minimum required.  Seeking skilled, motivated therapists who value a supportive environment where you would be provided solid, screened referrals well matched to your ideal client, and where advocacy for clients’ access to mental health and advocacy for clinicians’ ability to do good work and be paid fairly are a part of our Director’s passion.

Contact:  Email Jen Erbe Leggett or call 857-273-2125