We believe wholeheartedly in the value of group therapy. What is group therapy? It is an experience in which people choose a group for its topic or focus based on an issue they want to work on.  Then an experienced facilitator leads a discussion on that topic in a way that helps people gain skills, learn about issues, work on their individual challenges, and transform problems into solutions. This is done with the help of the group process, not just the therapist. It is really a wonderful experience, especially when dealing with issues that carry some element of shame to them. These therapy groups are not drop-in; part of their power comes in committing to the same group of people to work on similar issues for the duration of the group. We hope you’ll check out the groups we have now forming, and consider this powerful experience for yourself to bring a different kind of lasting change.

Current Groups:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Parenting From a Dialectical Perspective

Coming soon:

Mothers Recovering From a Traumatic Birth

Ongoing Support Group for Mothers Recovering From an Eating Disorder

Other groups as needed by the community—just call and speak with our Director!

Group Therapy FAQ