Kim Cooke, LICSW

Kim Cooke, LICSW, is a warm, engaging therapist who enjoys collaborative work with her clients. Kim draws on a wide range of clinical and non-profit experiences including her work with new parents, members of the LGBTQ community, homeless women and their children, college students, and working professionals.  An Oberlin College graduate and Boston resident of almost 25 years, Kim earned her MSW from Boston University, with a specialization in Group Work.  In addition to her work with The Leggett Group, Kim is the Program Coordinator for The Parent Connection, a program of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center that supports first-time parents.  Kim incorporates mindfulness-oriented practices into her therapeutic work, drawing on both her extensive training in the use of mind/body techniques, as well as her own daily yoga and meditation practices.  Kim’s clinical interests include perinatal health, parenting, women’s health, and the integration of mindfulness-oriented practices into psychotherapy.