Connie Wynne, LICSW

Connie Wynne is an experienced psychotherapist who holds an MSW from the UCLA School Of Social Work and has been practicing in various clinical settings since 1992.  Connie is a person-centered therapist, seeing each person as the expert of their own experience and socio-cultural context. She works with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds from a position of cultural humility and utilizing a collaborative and interactive approach, which assumes that all people are uniquely whole and competent and have inherent strengths and resources from which to build. Connie engages in therapy as a process by which these inner strengths are revealed and given space to foster healing and transformation.

Connie has served in outpatient, residential, and community mental health settings and enjoys working with a broad spectrum of people from adolescence to older adulthood, experiencing a range of life and mental health challenges (PTSD, complex PTSD, anxiety and depression, substance use disorder). Her particular interest and affinity is in supporting people through life transitions and healing from trauma—personal, relational, intergenerational, and trauma that occurs as a result of systemic oppression in all of its forms.  Connie is a trained EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)  therapist and integrates EMDR with many presenting concerns.  Connie’s work is also informed by mindfulness, internal family systems, narrative therapy, and liberation health theory, but she firmly believes the path to healing is different for each individual and that people seeking help are ultimately the experts on their own healing. With compassion and curiosity, Connie strives to harness human connection, empathy, and humor as vital pathways to healing and living into our authentic selves.